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Little Singham (Animated Series)

Get ready for Little Singham… Rohit Shetty Picturez, Reliance Animation and Discovery Kids launch animation series inspired by the Ajay Devgn franchise Singham… Will air in April 2018 on Discovery Kids channel.

Recently, Famous Bollywood Movies Producer Rohit Shetty announced the animation series titled “Little Singham”, broadcast on Discovery Kids channel.

‘Little Singham’ is an animated series inspired by Bollywood movie ‘Singham’ starring Ajay Devgn will premiere in April 2018. The first season of Little Singham is expected to have 156 episodes and five tele features.

Animated series Little Singham official trailer has been released and viral on social media sites. Enjoy the trailer below:

Rohit Shetty Presents Co-presenter “Discovery Kids” A Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Pictures Production Directed by Vikram Veturi. Coming Soon – April 2018 on “Discovery Kids”

Watch Official Trailer: ‘Little Singham’



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